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Are you suffering from doubts? Do you lack self-confidence? Are you losing your way in a world which is moving more quickly than you would like? Do you no longer understand people around you? You get the feeling that you’re missing something… But you don’t know what. Your life right now has a bitter taste and it’s not at all like it was at one time, a while back now, when your days were filled with happiness. And you would like to be that happy again, wouldn’t you, just like you were in the good old days?

This may surprise you, but you have just found a friend who will help you so much that soon you won’t be able to live without me! us meeting is no coincidence...

WHO IS Miss Angie?

I am the granddaughter of a great psychic * who was an adviser to a very well-known president, whose name, for reasons of confidentiality, I cannot reveal. And if I told you my grandmother’s name, then you would know right away which president she advised for the whole of his life. Also, at the time, they weren’t called «psychics», but rather «Astral Advisers».

I can tell you that she told me some incredible stories. Because, having the confidence of men in power, is not all play, and sometimes you need to have a lot of courage to put into words what nobody wants to hear.

*In our family, the gift of clairvoyance skips a generation and is only passed down from a grandmother to a granddaughter.

I was born in 1956 in Rome in Italy, the Eternal City which is home to the largest and most beautiful basilica in the world, the Basilica of Saint Peter. Having been born in this special place, as the granddaughter of a great psychic, it didn’t take long for my gifts of seeing into the future and protecting anybody who asked me, to appear.

I am Miss Angie, your psychic, who is very close to the heavenly bodies, who communicates with the Angels and sometimes even with fallen Angels (those are the Angels who cause so many disasters on earth, and sometimes we need to stand up to them to stop them from doing stupid things!) Remember, as above, so below.

That means that you are being watched from above and at the least mistake, the least little weakness, the anger of the heavens can rain down on you.

It was as a young child that I discovered my gifts. I was 7 or 8 years old when my mother burnt her arm badly with an iron. When I placed my hand on it, the pain went away instantly and the burn marks had gone an hour or so later. My mother didn’t understand, but I already knew that I was no ordinary child. My grandmother knew that too, because I had inherited her gifts of clairvoyance and her powers of «conjuring fire»!

Sometimes I took advantage of it and used it to make friends while I was at university. Students who were in need, but there’s nothing new there and sadly it’s still the case, who couldn’t make ends meet and who went without everything, even sometimes just having one meal a day. So, several times I gave them the winning lottery numbers, and I must admit that did improve their circumstances. But sometimes there were disputes about how to share out the money. Which just goes to show that money doesn’t always bring happiness, but it can contribute to it! As my grandmother used to say «It’s better to have money than not to have it. Because in this world of jackals, only money has the power to transform a toad into a princess!» That says it all, doesn’t it!

As time went by, I realised that I could see the future with telling precision, as if the future was printed inside my mind at the very moment when I thought about a specific person or a specific event. I could predict the weather long before the forecasts on TV, I could predict the winner of a horse race or a football match, I could visualize the winning number at roulette, as soon as I found a way to teleport myself remotely to the place where my father loved to go on a Saturday night, and where he had never suspected his daughter as the origin of his frequent wins, before she ever set foot inside a casino! I could also foresee accidents, and there too I avoided a certain number of catastrophes without ever putting myself in the limelight. And nobody ever knew that I could predict accidents, and more importantly, prevent them! But that’s not all, as well as reading the future, predicting the results of a match, visualizing the winning numbers in the lottery, knowing the questions that would come up in a competition or in an exam, managing fights within relationships, introducing people who I knew would get on well together for the rest of their lives, etc… I am also a fire conjurer. This natural gift allows me to put out an accidental burn, but also to cut short the anger of the heavens which dogs defenceless human beings. I must admit, without wanting to boast, that I have saved lives and I have managed to help an incalculable number of men and women who were really in a bad way to get out of tight spots!


Right now, you should know that even though I’m booked solid, because everyone wants to know, everyone wants to see me, I will make time for anyone whose heart is hurting or who is experiencing big difficulties. I am always available for people who take the time to stop by my website and who can’t come to see me at my practice in Toronto, where I live right now. I love your country so much that from time to time I travel there, especially in summer. Ah, what a wonderful place, I would love to live there!

Now the time has come for YOU to discover my incredible talent and my genuine gifts through my visions of the future, YOUR FUTURE! Take the time to look through my website, find out who I am and what I can do for YOU! The world is changing more and more quickly, nothing seems to stop it from hurtling towards challenges that most of mankind is not ready for. Join the privileged circle of those who will know how to protect themselves before other people do, and they will above all know how to find their path to change, which will bring them the success and accomplishment of a totally successful life!

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